Meet the Team: Fiona Han

Fiona is a sophomore from Shanghai, China. Last fall, she chose to become a writer for The Oracle and enjoyed her time there. Now she is back for another year of writing and fun.

“Nec sine te nec tecum vivere possum. (I cannot live with you nor without you.)” A line from Ovid’s Amores became Fiona’s favorite quote after she saw it in a Latin textbook. She likes this quote for its wit and how it perfectly sums up unavoidable conflicts in relationships. Fiona has an affinity for language learning and translating. Latin and Japanese are at the top of her list of languages to eventually become fluent in. It’s no surprise that Latin is Fiona’s favorite class at Blair.

During the summer, Fiona spent many weeks helping translate a book from English to Chinese and she enjoyed every second of the process even though it was slow and arduous. Oftentimes she would debate with her dad for hours over different interpretations and the best fitting translation for a single section. Besides being interested in human languages, Fiona is also invested in learning more about computer languages. She hopes to learn more about linguistics and computer science and to eventually pursue a related profession.

Are you a dog person or a cat person?
Fiona is a cat person, but she secretly prefers birds over cats. She would love to have a savannah cat alongside a Bourke parakeet in her home to keep her company, but she doubts the two animals would get along very well.

Tea or coffee?
Fiona is a frequent tea drinker. She enjoys drinking “legitimate” tea with her parents on the weekends and drinking bubble tea with her friends.

Frank’s or Cesco’s pizza?
Fiona has never ordered pizza from those places and chose Cesco’s because she liked the name better.

Reading the book or watching the movie?
Reading books is a very relaxing and educational experience, but Fiona prefers a stimulating and colorful cinema screen.

Night owl or morning lark?
Fiona is a night owl who has no trouble staying awake until the sun starts to peak out behind the clouds, but waking up early in the morning is painful for Fiona.

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Irene Jung

Irene Jung is a three-year junior from South Korea. As a writer, she hopes to deliver a variety of news to the Blair community.