Meet the Team: Evelyn Sharma

Evelyn, a junior at Blair Academy, has a passion for creating beautiful works of art. Three years ago, Evelyn decided to pursue painting. She likes to experiment with different techniques, and it’s when she lets the brush strokes flow that the magic begins. It’s clear when you see one of her pieces that she is extremely talented. The emotion spills out. This year she is excited to be taking advanced painting so that she can experiment with new ideas.  

Evelyn incorporates her interests into her artwork. As you can see in her painting above, she merges her love of music and plants. Some of her favorite plants are succulents. She’s been playing the piano on and off since she was eight, and she loves to play for fun. 

Evelyn’s creativity doesn’t end there: it continues in her writing for The Oracle.  She joined The Oracle because she loves to write stories and express herself in different ways. 

Evelyn has two older sisters that graduated from Blair and she lives with her family here in New Jersey. Artistry definitely runs in her family. She, her sisters, and her mother are all very artistic. We look forward to seeing all that Evelyn has to share with our Blair community. 

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