Meet the Team: DB


DB Won is a three-year junior from Seoul, South Korea, but he has spent the majority of his life living in Singapore. As such, DB speaks three languages: English, Korean, and Mandarin.

DB is someone who immensely enjoys watching movies and reading books. His favorite directors are Edgar Wright, Quentin Tarantino, and the Coen Brothers; his favorite writers are David Foster Wallace and Frank Hubert.

At Blair, DB is known for his eloquence. A core member of Blair’s speech and debate team, DB has been doing debate since 7th grade. He has dabbled in a variety of styles of debate, including British Parliamentary (BP), World Schools, Lincoln Douglass, and Public Forum.

When he’s not debating, DB can be found hosting The Academy Talk Show – a weekly program centered around Blair’s Society of Skeptics speakers. DB started The Academy Talk Show because “sometimes attending Skeptics is cumbersome,” and he “wanted to give the Blair community a condensed version of it where [they] could get the gist of what the speaker was talking about as well as [hearing answers to] some of my own questions.”

The first five episodes of The Academy Talk Show are already on the Oracle’s website. DB’s personal favorite is the inaugural episode featuring guest speaker Jason Piccolo. They discussed issues surrounding the Mexico-United States border and the dangers of straw-manning – a logical fallacy that creates an illusion of refuting an argument without refuting the original argument properly – in the media.

DB credits The Academy Talk Show with truly opening his eyes and helping him “understand issues in an entirely different light.” When asked about what he plans to do with the podcast in the future, DB answered: “recruit more people, expand our audience outside of Blair, and make it more well-known.”

George Gan

Yuchuan Gan 4:10 PM (11 minutes ago) to me George Gan is a three-year junior from Beijing and a writer/photographer for the Oracle. He enjoys playing soccer, skiing, photographing (landscapes & cityscapes primarily), investing, reading, and learning about finance & economics. He is humbled to share his perspective on the global economy and market developments with the Blair community.