Meet the Team: Ava Leonardo

Ava Leonardo, a teen from New York City, has always expressed herself through art. Whether it be her special effects makeup, her fun innovative outfits, or her ceramics, Ava says “my art can tell people about my interests and values.” Art always communicates a message, but for Ava, it’s been an outlet that lets her discover herself, who she is, and what she believes. Ava has never been one to stray away from expressing how she feels, whether that be in class, on her social media, or anywhere. She says, “Art can let people know how I feel without me always having to say something.” Growing up in New York City exposed Ava to all different ethnicities, cultures, and styles, and we at Blair are so lucky to get to bask in the fun, brightness and kindness she radiates.

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Sophia Papadopoulo

Sophia Papadopoulo '22 has been at Oracle since her freshman year at Blair Academy and is a writer and editor. She works and manages different aspects of the Oracle and focuses on lifestyle articles centered around her interests and the Blair community. She is from Bermuda and is very happy to be returning for 2020-2021.