Matt Dev Finally Watches Aladdin

Aight guys, confession time: I have never seen Aladdin. Growing up a dirt poor orphan in the slums of India until I won the Indian version of “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire”, I never really found the time to watch it. However, I have watched the trailer and I’m gonna go ahead and guess that it’s gonna be a little bit racist, but for the most part pretty good, and I’m really gonna enjoy it.

Update: I have watched it.

For those who haven’t lived yet, Aladdin is a basic Disney movie. A handsome dude wins over a pretty girl by defeating the bad guy. It’s set in the Middle East and it has Robin Williams– so it’s better than literally everything.

As I was watching the movie, for whatever reason, I found myself relating to Aladdin. Something about a dirt poor, dashing brown boy who uses his quick wits and cleverness to get out of trouble, beat the bad guy, and charm the princess, really resonated with me.

One of the many things that made this movie enjoyable to watch was the soundtrack. It covers a variety of different tones with catchy melodies, and overall made the movie much more fun to watch. However the star of the show, by far, was Robin Williams’ character, Genie. Providing the perfect amount of sarcastic comments and silly impersonations, Robin Williams tied the whole piece together and made it the amazing movie it is.

And look at that, I was right: it was indeed a little bit racist. But despite the stereotypes, I highly recommend– to the 4 of you that haven’t seen it yet– that you watch Aladdin. It will open up a whole new world.

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Matt Dev

Matt Dev is a senior and an editor for the Oracle.