Life as a First Year Day Student

Starting a new school is definitely exciting and that was no exception for me as I became a freshman day girl last fall here at Blair.  I was able to attend a school where I had the ability to make friends from all over the world, and in return introduce them to life in New Jersey.  As a day student, whether a boy or a girl, you want to make sure that you make time to meet people from different cultures in addition to students who may live close by.

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I tried to make the most of my first year at Blair by taking all the opportunities that came my way. I participated in many different activities, ranging from staying late on Tuesday nights to attend most of the Skeptics lectures to making the drive here on Sundays to participate in events like the Kenya Triathlon and Blairstock.  By being a day student you have the option to be at Blair as much as you like.  I would recommend to try and get active in clubs and other activities to better get to know the Blair community and all the wonderful things it has to offer.

It may be hard to find time to do your homework if you are staying at Blair until 8:00 every night and have a long distance to travel home.  The thing to do is try and simulate a study hall similar to the one that the boarders use, eliminating distractions to finish your homework and get some needed sleep.  You also want to make sure that you utilize your free periods correctly, especially if you have a lot of work due the next day.  You may want to study for an upcoming exam, or meet with a teacher to review material.

If you are coming in as a new day student here at Blair, don’t be nervous.  Blair is one of the nicest and most accepting communities around.  Before I came, people told me that being a day student is the “best of both worlds”.  You are able to be at Blair almost all the time if you choose to, but you also are able to travel home each night.  And if later in your Blair career you decide you want to board, there are many students and faculty members who are ready to accept you into the dorms in addition to the classrooms and athletic fields.

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(Copyright 2015 Savannah Doelfel)