Letter to the Editor: Jack Saxton – Peddie Day


Tensions are high… Peddie has our cup and we want it back. Is it not rightfully ours? Every athlete has worked hard for it, and every Blair student has anticipated its return to its home since it left for Hightstown last fall. Our victory is inevitable and every Buc knows it; school spirit is at its peak, with the churning of Sharpe House tonight and with the pep rally and bonfire in less than 24 hours.

My message to you, fellow Bucs: stay strong, keep that unwavering loyalty towards your teams and embrace the healthy rivalry you have with the chickens that you will be challenging this Saturday.

Remember yet, that these chickens are real people too, and they are working just as hard to fight against us on their fields this year. Be thankful for Peddie and their school spirit, for Peddie Day would not be fun if it were not for their unwavering loyalty to their own teams. Lastly, remember to be respectful on Saturday, for if it were not for Peddie, there would not be a Peddie Day.

Keeping these things in mind, put your game faces on Bucs because we are bringing the cup back home this Saturday.


Beat Peddie!

   – Jack Saxton

[box]Editor’s Note: This article is part of the Peddie Week 2015 Article Series. Thank you to all our great writers.[/box]

(Letter to the Editor: Copyright 2015 Jack Saxton)

Jack Saxton

Jack Saxton '17 is the Oracle's Chief Satirist and editor of the Satire Section. Jack also contributes articles pertaining to current events at Blair.