Lady M’s Crêpe Confections

If you are looking for a good dessert café in the Upper East Side of New York City, Lady M is your go-to.

Located on Madison Avenue, Lady M features top quality cakes along with croissants, salads, and sandwiches. However, they are best known for their signature Mille and Green Tea Crêpes. Although the store is pretty small and is always crowded in the afternoon, it is worth waiting in line to try a piece of their delicate crêpes.

Lady M’s iconic Green Tea Crêpes are made with over 20 layers of thin crêpe and light whipped cream. An extra layer of fine, powdered matcha on top brings its flavor to another level. Their Strawberry Mille Crêpe is also a must-try, which introduces strawberries into their signature Mille Crêpe. While the full size cake generally costs $85-$90, you can also get them in slices, which only cost about $8.50-$9.00 per slice.

With dim lighting, only a few seats, and painted in soft white, the interior design of the boutique restaurant does not look as appealing as their cakes. Interestingly, it was purposefully designed this way by architect Sam Trimble in order to direct the customers’ attention toward the display case, which features Lady M’s colorful cakes.

The founder, Ken Romaniszyn, opened the first Lady M store in 2001 with the hope of spreading the flavor of Japanese desserts across New York City. It later became one of the most popular cake boutiques in the United States, with a steadily increasing number of stores. There are a total of four Lady M boutiques in New York alone. They also take online orders and deliver within the city, which makes their cakes more accessible. If you have time in the city, make sure you visit Lady M to try their variety of sweet and refined cakes.

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Irene Jung

Irene Jung is a three-year junior from South Korea. As a writer, she hopes to deliver a variety of news to the Blair community.