Karaoke Night

Students gathered in the Can to partake in a vibrant Saturday night of karaoke, concluding Blair’s annual celebration of cultural diversity. Students performed songs, both new and classic, and clapped along to their friends’ performances. “It was very lively. Everyone had just come from the International Bazaar, and it was nice to have another fun thing to do during the weekend,” said Eric Meskin ’17.


The crowd was energized by Kendrick Ng-Yow ’19’s colorful performance. “Everyone loved it,” said Amanda Goldsmith ’18, “By the fifth line everyone was on their feet.” She went on to say that what really captivated the audience was Kendrick’s relaxed disposition in contrast to the electrifying spirit of the crowd. Performances included crowd favorites such as “Cheeseburger in Paradise,” “Mama Mia,” and the highlight of the night, Kendrick’s “Lose Yourself.”


Eric agreed, “Without a doubt my favorite performance had to be Kendrick’s ‘Lose Yourself’ because his energy was real and raw. I also loved Oscar Saxton’s [class of 2020] and Max Bonzulak’s [class of 2017] duet, ‘I Really Don’t Care,’ because they had a great stage presence.”
It was a wonderful bonding experience for all walks of Blair life, and perhaps one of the highlights of the winter.

Janice Negvesky