International Weekend 2019

International Weekend

This Saturday, International Weekend will take place in the CIC beginning at 7pm. This annual event is an opportunity for all students to experience the diverse cultures that Blair has to offer. Blair’s student body comes from a total  of 23 countries. Each country showcases parts of its culture on dining hall tables. The event starts with a fashion show, with models representing traditional clothing from each country. Usually, students prepare food and play music from the country represented.

I decided to ask students a few questions about International Weekend. Cameron Grant ’20, who has never attended International Weekend, said, “I am most looking forward to Nigeria, and I expect excellent food from all countries!” Shauna Kwag ’20 said, “I am excited to spend time with my fellow Koreans. I am most looking forward to Korean food.” Other students reported being thrilled to exhibit their unique cultures to their friends.   

During International Weekend, Blair students get to learn more about different countries. Students are able to better understand where some of their friends come from, and what kind of cultures they grew up in. Most of all, International Weekend is a bonding experience, so I think everybody should attend.

Joseph Min

Joseph Min is a Junior from South Korea.