Insight of the Goat Yoga

While the term yoga carries connotations of peace, calm, and tranquility and visions of yoga mats, yoga clothes, and yoga rollers, for Blair students it will now also bring to mind something more unusual: goats.

With the arrival of a group of small, adorable goats, Blair students were more motivated to do yoga than ever before. They passionately stretched their legs and arms while goats accompanied them, climbing onto the yogis’ backs. Some participants were excited, while others were slightly hesitant to touch or allow the goats on their backs.


The addition of goats to yoga succeeded in raising great amusement and interest from students. It also changed the common perception of yoga as always quiet and peaceful; most of the students were actively talking and taking pictures of the goats while participating in the yoga class. It was a nice and fun experience for everyone and a highlight of everyone’s day. Senior Mollie Sysler summed it up well: “It was the most fun day of the year! The goats were so small and cute.”


Christine Jeong

Christine Jeong '23 is a sophomore at Blair Academy and a writer for the Oracle. She enjoys traveling, listening to music, art, writing, and watching movies. She hopes to be an enthusiastic writer and write about various topics in Oracle.