Indian Accent Restaurant Review

When thinking of Indian food, I typically imagine large portions, happy comfort food, and being extremely stuffed by the end of the meal. However, my understanding of the possibilities of Indian cuisine completely changed after eating at Indian Accent. 

Indian Accent is a formal restaurant in Midtown, New York, famous for its inventive take on Indian food. While firmly rooted in traditional South Asian flavors and staple foods, this restaurant elevates these dishes to fine dining. The attempt to refine Indian cuisine succeeds in retaining the authentic Indian flavor that makes it so enjoyable, but approaches dishes in a more modern style, exploring taste, portion, and design.

I recently had lunch at Indian Accent and shared a vegetarian sampler with my sister, which allowed us to taste multiple small dishes in one meal. The menu included blue cheese naan and pumpkin coconut shorba; mint, tamarind, white peas, and shiso leaf chaat; kulchas and daal with avocado and pomegranate raita; dosa with mushrooms; and baby gunpowder idlis. While this is a long list of food, each portion was incredibly small, especially when sharing. Every dish had distinct flavors, and when paired with a rose Falooda to drink, it made a delicious meal. 

The dessert was my favorite part. I tried something that resembled a sweet, saffron-infused cloud, which had a creamy, fluffy consistency. Despite the great tasting food, no one was satiated because the portions consisted of two bites at most. The food was great, and though I’m still a little partial to the traditional Indian meals I grew up eating, Indian Accent provides a new and delicious experience of modernized Indian cuisine.

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Evelyn Sharma

Evelyn Sharma is a junior and writer for the Oracle whose passions include music, reading, art, and anything else you can express yourself creatively through.