In The Caymans

Over Winter Long Weekend, 16 Blair students (I among them), Mr. Gerdsen, and Ms. O’Neill arrived at the Cayman Islands to explore its marine life and experience the wonders and the warmth of the local towns and beaches. All we had to do was walk outside of our condos to be greeted by a beach, pool, and hot tub, along with an oceanside grill serving anything from fresh seafood to burgers.

Our group made many excursions to the capital, George Town, to swim at its famous Seven Mile Beach, eat at local restaurants, and shop downtown.

As we explored the water, we discovered tons of different creatures, from starfish to sea urchins. We also were fortunate enough to head over to a Turtle Farm, where we had the opportunity to hold the baby turtles and even see a Cayman crocodile.

Another highlight was our stop at the town of Hell, from where many of us sent home postcards.

One of my favorite parts of the trip was visiting Stingray City. After boarding a boat that took us into the middle of the sea, we stopped at a sandbar where wild stingrays gathered. There we were able to feed and hold them, in addition to kissing them for seven years of good luck.

Following this adventure, we continued to journey farther to snorkel through the coral reefs.

This trip was a phenomenal way to spend the long weekend, allowing us to explore different species and experience a new culture and cuisine. I would 100% recommend it to anyone who is interested in marine science or who just likes to travel and experience new adventures.

(Copyright 2017 Savannah Doelfel)