Hurricane Watch?


In 2012 New Jersey and many other Atlantic seaboard states were hit with one of the most destructive hurricanes of all time, which became the largest and second deadliest Atlantic hurricane in United States history. When it was announced that Hurricane Joaquin, a category 4 hurricane, would likely make landfall along the eastern seaboard, many naturally thought of Superstorm Sandy, merely a category 3 upon landfall.

Luckily, this year’s most massive hurricane has spun out into the Atlantic. However, despite this, South Carolina has received 15 inches of rain in the past few days. Why? According to CNN Weather, the storm is kicking up a “firehose effect” storm system that is riding out the last of the hurricane’s spin. It’s a slow moving system, which is part of the reason South Carolina has been experiencing major flooding, which has resulted in President Obama designating national aid packages for emergency relief, and a state of emergency being declared in-state.

While Hurricane Joaquin is no longer expected to make landfall, large weather systems often have long-distance effects, such as the flash-cold front we have been experiencing in Blairstown over the past couple of days. Stay safe, and keep your eye on the weather.


(Copyright 2015 Tys Sweeney) (Hurricane Chart from (Satellite photo from NOAA)

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