How to Win the Game

With 100 people out of the game within the first day, every survivor’s paranoia only increases as the most stressful event of the school year continues. If you plan on making it to the Bowl this year to battle it out with the wrestlers, here are some tips to achieve your dream of getting bragging rights and Blair fame:

1) Don’t Leave the Dorm. Just stay inside all the time. You can’t get caught if you don’t go to class, right?  I suggest finding a new show to binge watch or an addictive video game to play because you’re going to have a lot of free time. Attendance Pro is totally worth it if it keeps you in the game.

2) Befriend the wrestlers. Most normal people don’t care all that much about winning, so naturally the wrestlers are very invested in it. This can be done very simply by complementing their biceps repeatedly, doing their math homework, or by controlling them just control them by shining a laser pointer around.

3) Live at the Health Center. If you can convince the nurses you’ve come down with some mysterious illness so they’ll let you stay at the Health Center full-time, your chances of survival will greatly increase. You will get to lay in bed all day, sleep, and not have to worry about Attendance Pro! Although your dorm is a more comfortable place to stay, if you are already on thin ice, the Health Center is the best place to camp out.

4) Be a Freshmen. If you are a freshman, you have the perfect camouflage. None of the upperclassman will ever be able to find you, because all freshman literally look exactly the same to everyone else. It would be like trying to find a specific piece of hay in a haystack.

(Copyright 2019 Madeleine McNamara)

Madeleine McNamara

Madeleine is a new junior at Blair and is happy to be in the Oracle Team. She enjoys writing, reading, and art.