Horoscopes: You and the stars

Have you ever wondered about your relationship between your soul and the galaxy? Do your personality and fate really rely on the alignment of the stars and moon on the day of your birth? Zodiac signs present different characteristics and talents. The Babylonians made astronomy their science: they would merge astronomy and astrology to predict seasons or celestial events. In the 4th century B.C.E the Babylonians introduced this cool way of interpretation to the Greeks, which then spread to the Romans and Arabs. Kings would use these predictions to prepare for war and natural disasters. But gurl, you are still queen and you can also party with the stars.




Were you born on….


♒ January 19-February 19th – AQUARIUS


Nail polish color:

Wicked by Essie

Or ridiculously long French nails

Fragrance: biting cold, dirt, aloe vera, mint


Pulp Fiction- Quentin Tarantino

Léon: The Professional – Luc Besson

Palo Alto – Gia Coppola

Death Proof – Quentin Tarantino

Rushmore – Wes Anderson

Inglourious Basterds – Quentin Tarantino


Freaks and Geeks

House of Cards

Element: Air

Your Songs:

Father John Misty- I Love You, Honeybear

Lana Del Rey- Brooklyn Baby; National Anthem

Gorillaz- The Swagga; Clint Eastwood

Marina and the Diamonds – Teen Idle

Kavinsky – Nightcall

Your animal: Iguana

Oh boy. You are an Aquarius! You are clever but a smartmouth. You can be emotionally distant and have a tendency to not care about anything. “Oooh you are edgy and cool”

Despite your sarcastic and stubborn mannerisms in public you are actually a very sensitive pink marshmallow. You like to rebel, so you should find people who could stimulate you emotionally and mentally. Your passive-aggressiveness makes you a lot of enemies; why do you want to fight so many people? Why are you so stressful? You are about as collected as a human being as Pisces are, which isn’t saying much.



♓ February 20-March 20 – PISCES


Nail polish color:

Trophy Wife by Essie

Bubble Bath by OPI

Fragrance: Vanilla, strawberries, raspberries. lavender, honey


All Dogs Go to Heaven- Goldman, Blueth, Kuenster

Electrick Children- Thomas

Wallace and Gromit: Wrong Trousers-Park and Box

American Beauty- Sam Mendes

Fantastic Mr. Fox- Wes Anderson


Palo Alto- Gia Coppola

Anastasia-Bluth and Goldman

Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends Christmas Special- you know the one where Will gets lost with a bunch of unicorns?




Element: Water

Your Songs: Lana Del Rey- Ultraviolence; Diet Mountain Dew; Jealous Girl; She’s Not Me; Trash; Video Games; Ride; Without You, just like all the Del Rey songs… WE ARE VERY SENSITIVE PEOPLE

Blood Orange – You’re Not Good Enough

Modest Mouse – Little Motel

Nirvana – Heart Shaped Box

Logic – Nikki

Gorillaz – Melancholy Hill

Kavinsky – Nightcall

Your animal: housecat

You are a Pisces! Squad. You are compassionate, adaptable, creative, a daydreamer and extremely devoted. This devotion can be hurtful because you are submissive, oversensitive, impulsive, mercurial, attracted to people with severe problems, indecisive, and you are lazy. Find a dominant partner who can help you with decisions and make you feel more stable; if this partner is absent you can easily fall into self loathing, or you could find another submissive person who can nurture you. Sometimes a young Pisces is attracted to possessive people. To reach your fullest potential get inspired by life events and start being independent, and this will let your creativity shine through. You are the most spiritual of the zodiac signs, but you are also the most gullible. You like wading through rivers and creeks or diving into the ocean. I am saying you are mermaid.



♈ March 21- April 19th – ARIES


Girl, I bet you wear red lipstick to class.

Nail polish color:

Red, just red

Pull Over by Sinful Colors

Fragrance: bonfire, burning wood, cedarwood, Heat by Beyonce


Pirates of the Caribbean

Reservoir Dogs- Quentin Tarantino

There Will Be Blood- Paul Thomas Anderson

High School Musical 2

Mystic River- Clint Eastwood


Apocalypse Now- Francis Ford Coppola

The Crush- Alan Shapiro

Black Mass

Guardians of Ga’Hoole

Forrest Gump


Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Big Time Rush

Element: Fire

Your Songs:

Vampire Weekend- Diplomat’s Son

Ratatat- Wildcat

Marina and the Diamonds- Power and Control

Lana Del Rey- Off to the Races

Steel Panther- Death to all but Metal

Nirvana- In Bloom

Avenged Sevenfold- So Far Away

TVon the Radio – Wolf Like Me

St. Vincent- Laughing With a Mouth of Blood

Soap&Skin- Sugarbread

High School Musical Soundtrack- Getcha Head in the Game

Sia- Burn the Pages

Your animal: shark

You are an Aries!! You are bold, a trendsetter, optimistic, athletic, enthusiastic, moody, short tempered, dominating, aggressive, and impatient. Aries what I breathe.

You are extremely self oriented and like to project your personality on to others. You like to give the impression that you are exciting, dangerous, adventurous, and talkative. You put a lot of pressure on yourself, man. You need to chill out.



♉ April 21- May 20th – TAURUS


Everyone loves jacuzzis, but you REALLY like jacuzzis

Nail polish color: Dark blue

Fragrance: musk, the woods


Django Unchained- Quentin Tarantino

Super hero movies (you relate)

American Psycho

Guardians of the Galaxy

Iron Man (all of them)

Beethoven- the movie with the Saint Bernard

Veggie Tales




Samurai Jack

Element: Fire

Your Songs:

Lana Del Rey- Old Money; Carmen

Beyonce- 7/11; (***Flawless)

Logic- 5 AM; I’m Gone; All I Do; Gang Related

Cole – Work Out

Childish Gambino – Sober; Bonfire

Devendra Banhart – Carmencita

Cherry Glazerr – Had Ten Dollaz

Discovery – So Insane

Your animal: Bison, Pitbull, German Shepherd

You are strong like bull. You are a Taurus!! You are passionate, reliable, pragmatic, independent, loyal, hard working, strong, athletic, kind, stubborn, lazy, indulgent, jealous, materialistic, and possessive. You are the leader of the group. You have brains and brawn. When it comes to yourself you are not lazy, but you are a bit hesitant or resistant when asked to do a chore. Don’t surround yourself with other toxic people because then you will absorb it into your personality. Despite how buff and big you are, you are naturally a very caring, shy, cuddly, person, so find a close group of friends and go bananas with them because you trust them not because you are trying to one-up them. Anyone who is your friend is very well protected by you because you are fiercely loyal. You enjoy being depended on, so you should find someone indecisive that you can help. You should be more open with your feelings!



♊  May 21 – June 21st – GEMINI


Geminis why are you so tiring?

Nail polish color:

Hi-maintenance by Essie

Lavender by Essie

Fragrance: lemons, citrus


Donnie Darko

Sharkboy and Lavagirl

High School Musical 3

Shrek 2


Hunger Games


Degrassi- those seasons with Drake.

Secret Life of the American Teenager

Gossip Girl

Keeping up With the Kardashians

Pimp My Ride

Element: Air

Your Songs:

Lana Del Rey- Kill Kill

Trap Queen – Fetty wap

679- Fetty

Lips are Movin- Meghan Trainor

Dilemma- Nelly and Kelly

Baby It’s You- Jojo

Toxic- Britney Spears

Lip Gloss- Lil Mama

My Chick Bad- Ludacris

Shaggy- Mr. Bombastic

Your animal: el chupacabra

Woohoo! You are a Gemini! You are energetic, clever, playful, imaginative, witty, adaptable, superficial, mischievous, impulsive, and indecisive. Gemini you need to figure out what you want to be, you want to be indecisive and independent? Get a hold of yourself. You are extremely patriotic. Nothing can stop you from doing something and feeling free is essential to your mental well being. You are a social butterfly, you are exciting and you want to have new experiences with your hip, trendy, in-style friends.



♋ June 21- July 22? – CANCER


Nail polish color: coral

Fragrance: floral


20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Shrek 1

High School Musical


The Lion King

The Little Mermaid

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Inside Out

The White Stallion

Some Like it Hot

Big Fish

The Lizzie McGuire Movie



America’s Got Talent

Element: water

Your Songs:

Mariah Carey- We Belong Together

Mariah Carey- Obsessed

Mariah Carey- Shake It Off

Mariah Carey- Don’t Forget About Us

Mariah Carey- Always Be My Baby

Mariah Carey- Touch My Body

Mariah Carey- Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel

Mariah Carey- Heartbreaker

Mariah Carey- #Beautiful

Mariah Carey- You’re Mine (eternal)

Mariah Carey- Infinity

Mariah Carey Holiday Album

Mariah Carey Holiday Album (extra festive version)

Your animal: dolphin

You are worse than Gemini. You are stressful and contradicting. Are you dependent or independent? Make up your mind!!! You have the potential to be super successful, but you require SO much emotional support. Cancer is loyal, dependable, caring, clingy, self absorbed, and attention seeking. Successful Cancers are independent, decisive, and have harnessed their emotional issues. Cancers are nurturing people, and once their shyness and insecurity is broken they are awesome.



♌ July 23- August 21 – LEO


self love is important you

Nail polish color: gold

Fragrance: roses

Movies: The Lion King



The Wolf of Wall Street


Kim Possible


Arrested Development

T.U.F.F Puppy

House of Cards

Element: Fire

Your Songs:

Kanye West – Monster

Ratatat – Loud Pipes, Nostrand

Drake – The Motto, just a lot of Drake, ALL DRAKE

Bill Withers – Lean on Me

Your animal: Lion, obviously

ROAR. You are a Leo! Like a lion (duh!) you are confident, ambitious, encouraging, generous, a bit vain, pretentious, dramatic, and stubborn. It makes sense because you are the most logical and fit person in a group. You are capable of finding success on your own but you would much rather find someone who could support you; think of a Barack and Michelle type thing. Your enthusiasm attracts people, and you are probably a surfer or snowboarder. You are the best kind of friend because you never dwell on the past, hold grudges, and you are super supportive, so you can switch between the Barack and Michelle figures.



♍ August 22-September 23? – VIRGO


hahahah nerd I bet you wear glasses

Nail polish color: Aruba blue

Fragrance: Clean; you shower a lot.


The Hobbit

Lord of the Rings

Moonrise Kingdom

The Legend of 1900


The Grand Budapest Hotel

Babe- the one with the pig and the singing mice puppets



Good Eats

Cutthroat Kitchen

Top Chef Masters

Donut Showdown

Masterchef (UK)

Your Songs:

Self – Stay Home

Smash Mouth – I’m a Believer

Leslie Carter – Like Wow!

Nancy Sinatra – Summer Wine

Baha Men – Best Years of Our Lives

Cyndi Lauper – Time After Time

Vampire Weekend – Horchata

Element: Earth

Your animal: a seal

Hey Virgo! Your sign says you are smart, analytical, observant, helpful, reliable, quirky, skeptical, fussy, nosy, and a bit bitter. You are great at using your intelligence to gain success quickly and efficiently, but you should try working together not alone in group projects. You have an inventive mind but you follow a very mechanical routine, so you should let loose for sometimes when you feel like you might burst. You can be a bit controlling, but not because you want to control the person. You just want to improve everyone’s lives, and a lack of being social causes you to sometimes misinterpret what a person wants. You are the person who Googles EVERYTHING about their vacation destination. You make sure the hotel situation is organized, where to eat, and you write itineraries. You have an agenda for life. Woah.



♎ September 24- November 23? – LIBRA


You’re all about spreading love

Nail polish color: copper

Fragrance: cotton, books. (you are more of a candle person)



Big Fish

101 Dalmatians

Lady and the Tramp


A Bug’s Life

500 Days of Summer

City Island


How I Met Your Mother


Full House


Silicon Valley

Element: Air

Your Songs:

Tainted Love – Soft Cell

Blue – Coffee and TV

Lana Del Rey – National Anthem

Grateful Dead – Shakedown Street, Sugar Magnolia

Your animal: corgis, guinea pig, manatees

Congrats you are a Libra! You are charming, diplomatic, easygoing, peaceful, idealistic, hospitable (hey freshman Xenia?), superficial, vain, indecisive, and fickle. You like to be around other people in a fancy room, and you respect home decor. You love the unusual, but sometimes when you disappear/adventure for a long time you worry your friends because they don’t know if you are safe. Your instincts and intuition are great, so why do you always doubt yourself? You never want to fight or make a scene, but that limits you from expressing all of your emotions.



♏October 24- November 22 – SCORPIO


You are intense, yo

Nail polish color: wicked- essie

Fragrance: Coco- Chanel, spices- anise and cinnamon



Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind

500 Days of Summer

Jurassic Park

Jurassic World

An Education


Pulp Fiction

Captain America: The First Avenger

Kill Bill Volume I


sports: you love watching the Olympics

Your Songs:

Crazy in Love – Beyonce

Alt-J – Tessellate, Breezeblocks

Django Unchained film score/soundtrack

Taylor Swift – Bad Blood

Modest Mouse – Spitting Venom, We’ve Got Everything

Grateful Dead – Touch of Grey, Truckin’, Scarlet Begonias

Amy Winehouse- Valerie

Element: Water

Your animal: Tiger, velociraptor

You are a Scorpio! You are the odd ball in the water group. Instead of the water signs common indecisiveness, lack of independence, and impulsiveness, you are decisive, independent, and rational, You are a water sign because you are artistic, creative, and a daydreamer. You are the most athletic of the water signs. You are loyal, adaptable, passionate, resourceful, observant, smart, but at your lowest you can be jealous, manipulative, demanding, and suspicious. You never give up on something you truly want. You value honesty. Sometimes you are a bit disconnected, and that is ok.



♐ November 23- December 22 – SAGITTARIUS


Nail polish color: black or red

Fragrance: fruits like peach or pear, spices like saffron or sage


The Good Dinosaur


Hercules- Disney

The Emperor’s New Groove


The Princess and the Frog

Robin Hood

Space Jam

Back at The Barnyard

TV: TV isn’t really your thing

Element: Fire

Your Songs:

Mulan Soundtrack (that’s it)

Your animal: hyena

Congratulations you are a Sagittarius! You are gregarious, optimistic, witty, independent, but at your lowest you can be reckless, unemotional, and you hold grudges. You are a philosopher and explorer, and your kindness is always selfless. Find something that stimulates and interests you; you get irritable when you are bored.



♑ December 22- January 20 – CAPRICORN


Nail polish color: glitter

Fragrance: you just like to roll around in the earth or grass


Karate Kid

Macbeth -2015

The Lego Movie

The Imitation Game


TV: you like reading poetry or short stories

Element: Earth

Your Songs:

Hall and Oates – Sara Smile, You Make my Dreams

Grateful Dead – Ripple, Box of Rain,  Shakedown Street

Your animal: crane

You are responsible, patient, ambitious, loyal, down to earth, funny, selfless, but can be distrusting and unimaginative when surrounded by the wrong people. You are a strong friend and great listener. A friendship with you is deep and mysterious.

(Copyright 2015 Rachel Kim)