Hidden Blair Gems

There are many members of Blair Academy who are not presented in the directory, most notably faculty pets. In order to properly give a shout out to these wonderful hidden gems on campus, we went on a mission to interview them. Some of the pets we encountered were Nosie and Beycon.

Ms. Hoyer & Nosie

Q. Please introduce yourself!

A. Hello, my name is Nosie and I am Ms. Hoyer’s cat. Thanks to Ms. Hoyer who took good care of me, I have smooth black fur. Some people often call me the “tuxedo cat,” because I have patches of white fur around my body that make me look like I’m wearing formal attire. I also have four white paws, which make me look like I am wearing pairs of white shoes. I sometimes greet Ms. Hoyer with my distinct squeaking screams instead of meowing.

Q. How old are you?

A. I am about seven years old. If you convert this into human age, I am about 35-40 years old.

Q. When did you meet Ms. Hoyer?

A. I actually didn’t start off the year with you guys at Blair; Ms. Hoyer adopted me when she visited the animal rescue center. I first met her the week of New Year’s, the first week of 2019.

Dr. Abascal & Beycon

Q. Please introduce yourself!

A. Hi, I am Beycon the dog! Dr. Abascal named me after Beyonce, and that is why my name is spelled the way it is. I am 2 years old, turning 3 next October. Honestly, I am not even sure about what breed I am. I have extra claws behind my two back feet, which suggest that I might be part Australian Shepherd. Fun fact, my fur is similar to human hair so that I don’t cause any allergic reactions for those with pet allergies!

Q. When did you meet Dr. Abascal?

A. I met her last October on Petfinder.

Q. What’s your favorite food?

A. I love to eat everything, but my favorite out of all are bully sticks.

Q. What’s your hobby?

A. I like to hike, talk, and chase a rope. I really love to talk with people and other dogs. Whenever Dr. Abascal returns from work, I try to have conversations with her, and she says it always brightens up her day.

(Copyright 2019 Irene Jung and Elle Choi)

Elle Choi

Elle Choi is a two-year junior from South Korea.