Get in the Spirit: Halloween Edition

As it nears the end of October, Halloween day is approaching on Saturday of this week. While the circumstances may be different than any Halloween you’ve experienced before due to a blue moon on October 31st for the first time since 1944, as well as safety precautions in place due to coronavirus, these classic ideas to celebrate Spooky Season will help you enjoy this Halloween to the fullest.

1) Watch Classic Halloween Movies
Creepy movies are a Halloween essential for plenty of people. There are a range of classics for those who enjoy seasonal movies that aren’t too scary, as well as many options for people who love truly frightening horror movies. Whatever your preference may be, settling down with your favorite Halloween candy to watch some eerie movies is a fun way to celebrate Halloween from the comfort of your dorm.

2) Blair’s Halloween “Grill and Chill”
This Saturday the Junior Class Council is hosting a “Grill and Chill” on the turf for Halloween. There’s no better way to celebrate this holiday than with good food, hot cider, a costume contest, and a haunted walk.

3) Choose your Costume
Dressing up in creative costumes on Halloween is arguably one of the best parts of the holiday for many people. Putting together a scary, funny, or inventive costume is one of the best parts of celebrating.

4) Enjoy Halloween Treats
Seasonal drinks, chocolate, and candy are great to enjoy on Halloween. Find some of your favorite candy to celebrate the holiday and get into the seasonal mood by ordering your favorite fall drink.

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Evelyn Sharma

Evelyn Sharma is a junior and writer for the Oracle whose passions include music, reading, art, and anything else you can express yourself creatively through.