Halloween Fiction Contest

The First Blair Oracle Fiction Contest will have a theme of “Halloween,” and the winner of the contest will be picked on October 31st. This is new, and every student is encouraged to participate. The rules are as follows:

  • Students and faculty will be judged in separate contests, and there will be a winner for each section.
  • You must submit a work of original fiction centering around the theme of Halloween or Horror. It can be either or both.
  • The story can be no longer than 4 single spaced pages.
  • Please do not submit a first draft; revise and edit your work a few times before submitting.
  • The submission deadline is October 23rd.
  • Please submit your story to oracle@blair.edu and title the email “Fiction Contest”
  • Have fun and be creative. The winner will be decided by an Oracle selected panel of judges.

[button link=”mailto:oracle@blair.edu” size=”xl” icon=”envelope-o” color=”orange” text=”dark” window=”yes”]Submit[/button]

(Yes, that is a special Halloween themed button.)


The Oracle Staff