Gourmet: A Getaway from Blair

Whenever I am down for a switch in my meal, Blairstown’s Gourmet Gallery– affectionately known as Gourm– is my easy go-to. At least twice a week, I visit Gourmet with my friends to grab anything from sandwiches to salads to desserts to drinks. Although my mother used to complain that I spend way too much money at Gourmet, she began to understand my obsession after she visited herself during Parents’ Weekend. 

I know many students at Blair, much like myself, are in love with Gourmet. A few common favorite dishes are the sweet and salty salad and the grilled mozzarella and chicken chipotle paninis. Many students also get the iced drinks– black and green teas and coffee.

My personal go-to meal is avocado toast, iced chai with coconut milk, and chocolate ice cream cake. Biting into the toasted bread topped with avocado, onions, and cherry tomatoes makes me feel as if my worries are all washed away. To balance out this strong flavors, I like having the sweetness from my iced chai linger within my tastebuds. Finally, rounding out my meal, I love getting the chocolate ice cream cake (a dessert unknown among many Blair students that Gourmet offers) for the refreshing taste. With these three dishes, I am one happy camper!

Gourmet to me is not only a physical place that offers amazing food, but also a place where I can feel detached from Blair. It is essentially my getaway whenever I encounter both big and small obstacles throughout my day. I feel refreshed after my walk there, so I suggest you go grab a sandwich whenever you are having a rough day.

Furthermore, Gourmet is a great place to socialize and make new friends. If you want to befriend someone, don’t be afraid to ask them to Gourmet. It is arguably the most seamless and fun icebreaker around Blair since bonding over good food fosters the best kind of friendship. 

Also a pro tip: if you are short on time, it is always a great idea to order over the phone ahead of time so that your food is ready when you get down. Further, note that Gourmet offers dinner on Fridays and Saturdays on the other side of the restaurant. Their dinner is less casual than lunch: they serve salmon, pasta, and even eggplant. 

New students: be sure to pay a visit to Gourmet. You will fall in love with all the food they have to offer.

(Copyright, 2019, Shauna Kwag)

Shauna Kwag


Shauna Kwag is a senior editor at Blair Academy. She hopes to integrate her interest in poetry, languages, and sports into her work.