Gold, Glory, Scandal, Rio

Credit - Wikimedia
Credit – Wikimedia

[tabs] [tab title=”Medal Standings”]

United States:  121 (46 Gold)

Great Britain: 67 (27 Gold)

China: 70 (26 Gold)

Russia: 57 (19 Gold)

Germany: 42 (17 Gold)[/tab] [tab title=”Outstanding Olympians”]

  1. Michael Phelps
  2. Katie Ledecky
  3. Simone Biles
  4. Usain Bolt

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Two weeks of entertainment and achievement, on-and-off the field.

The 26th Summer Olympic Games have come to a close, and they didn’t disappoint. Rio de Janeiro entered this summer plagued by political unrest, financial troubles, and violence, but that didn’t stop them: the show went on.

As for the United States? They remained the leading Olympic nation, boasting a record-breaking 38% gold out of their 121 total medals. Michael Phelps totaled five gold medals, finishing his swimming career as a champion, saying, “Where I am now is exactly how I want to finish.” As for the women, Katie Ledecky had jaw dropping results once again, earning five total medals with four golds.

The U.S Men’s Basketball team, coached by Mike Krzyzewski, played out a thirty-point victory over Serbia to win gold on the last Sunday of the games, remaining one of the most decorated Olympic teams of all time. Carmelo Anthony called it quits as an Olympic athlete, saying “this is it for me.” On the women’s team, Briana Stewart and Elena Delle Donne led the United States to another gold– seemingly in complete cruise control– over China.

Simone Biles made her case for being the best women’s gymnast ever in her two weeks in Rio. Biles racked in five medals in vault, floor exercise, and beam. How fitting that she got to hold our flag proudly at the closing ceremony.

Long story short, the United States’ teams and athletes were dominant once again; US athletes brought home enough medals to be number one yet again.

Internationally, Usain Bolt proved again he is the fastest man on Earth. Bolt, who cruised to the finish line with a grin, netted three gold medals in what might be the final Olympics of his career.

Many of the most decorated Olympians of this generation called it quits last month in Rio. The era for the newest Olympians begins now.


True Olympians:

Throughout the 2016 Summer Olympics, there wasn’t a story more heartwarming than that of Abbey D’Agostino (USA) and Nikki Hamblin (New Zealand). In the women’s 5,000 meter event, the two collided, causing D’Agostino to tear her ACL. As D’Agostino tried to get up, her knee gave out. Then Hamblin did something truly remarkable, sacrificing all she’d worked for to help D’Agostino get back on her feet; he two finished the race together.

The two received medals for their sportsmanship, which is very rare, and despite finishing last and second-to-last, they received permission to go on to the next round.

“It is a moment I will never forget for the rest of my life,” said Hamblin.


Upcoming: The 2020 Summer Olympics will be held in Tokyo.