Girls Varsity Basketball Plays Hard in First 2017 Home Game

30700691873_5a99c4c93a_kGirls’ Varsity Basketball suffered a loss in their first game of 2017 against ASA Junior College. After getting a late start– the opposing Brooklyn-based team arrived late– the Bucs kept the score close for much of the first half. The junior college brought a strong team to the court and challenged Blair’s girls throughout the game.

The toughness of the competition led the crowd to be even more animated than normal, celebrating every shot with hoots, claps, and congratulations. Unfortunately, because of the late start, the game ran well past 8:00, with many underclassmen missing much of the latter half. Despite this and the fact that Blair trailed by ten or fifteen points at times, the atmosphere remained as spirited and competitive as the first half.

The game ended at 8:30 with a final score of 54-71. Girls’ Varsity will play two games this weekend against TPLS Christian Academy and East Orange High School in the NJ Sparks Tournament & Team Showcase.

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Tys Sweeney

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