Girls Soccerfest

An insane amount of blue and white face paint, small yellow school buses taking several trips transporting students to North Warren, almost everyone from Blair Academy standing on the bleachers cheering for the soccer team… what do these remind you of? That’s right! Soccerfest: the annual soccer games at the beginning of the school year with North Warren, Blair Academy’s local rival.

On Friday, Blair kicked off the first official weekend of the school year with girls varsity soccer against North Warren. For me, and for almost everyone else, soccerfest is one of the first memories of Blair Academy. It is the first event that brings the whole school together, and is a great way to start off the year. Especially for the first year students, Soccerfest gives them a sense of the Blair school spirit, and helps them to feel more integrated into the community, which was how I felt when I went to my first Soccerfest sophomore year. This year, we had a great turn out for the girl’s soccerfest. Almost all of the students went to North Warren, and there was almost no room to stand on the bleachers. There was so much school spirit it almost didn’t matter that we lost because the whole school was together with the soccer team fighting until the last minute. That is what Blair is about: support, sportsmanship, and school spirit.

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(Copyright 2015 Yueqi Du) (Photo Copyright 2015 Tys Sweeney)