Girls Soccer Team Victorious at Soccer Fest

Last Saturday, the Girls Varsity Soccer team won Soccerfest. The Buccaneers triumphed 5 to nothing, thanks to North Warren. It was an exciting moment, with the whole school there, to share the delight together. Students gathered in front of the dining hall at 5:30 to get ready to support the big competition. Students were dressed in Blair gear, and used facepaint to embody the Blair spirit. We were also introduced to our new mascot, the Blair Buccaneer, who was in fact Mr. Wagner. He emboldened the Blair spirit to the max.

Some highlights worth mentioning are when Freshman Melissa Groseibl (‘22) scored two of the goals followed by her sister Rebecca Groseibl (‘20) with another. The other two goals were scored by Mia Stillerman (‘22) and Essie Pasternak (‘19). Although the North Warren Regional High School seemed to keep up throughout the first half, soon enough, they got completely shut down. Soccerfest is a great tradition that helps students bond with one another and increases school spirit.

(Copyright 2018 Joseph Min)

Joseph Min

Joseph Min is a Junior from South Korea.