Ghost Photos: An Inside Look

Halloween is a time to dress up, get scared, and feast on candy. There is no better place to spend this eve than Blairstown as it’s known for its ominous vibes from the scenes in Friday the 13th. Advanced photo students challenged themselves to get in the Halloween spirit and take ghost photos of their peers, which are so spooky they might even jolt you out of your seat!

“I was really inspired by the Blair Graveyard. I went there and I saw the gate and I really liked how it made the photos seem dramatic. I wanted the ghost to be coming out of the graveyard so I put my lovely model Annalise in the middle of it and I used an upward angle to make the ghost seem large taking up the photo.” -Dylan Bently ’22
“ I was trying to represent the apocalypse and how we would look under nuclear downfall and I think it came out great! The photoshoot was a success.”- Petra Cysani ’22
Annalise Fried ’22
“I love that there was so much artistic freedom for this project. Everyone went in such different directions; it was really fun to see how they turned out”. -Sofia Ciminello ’22
“I had so much fun doing this project! I decided to use just a pair of sunglasses and a white sheet and go to cool and interesting locations. I loved the way all my photos turned out and one of my photos even won art star! I would definitely recommend doing this photoshoot.” -Finely Thompson ’22
“For my shoot, I wanted to focus more on the editing portion rather than the actual location of the image. For the first image I sent in, I transposed the same image twice to make an illusion that there were two people, and for my second image, I tested different filters to make the perfect ‘old’ filter.”- Hope Dragonetti ’22

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Sophia Papadopoulo

Sophia Papadopoulo '22 has been at Oracle since her freshman year at Blair Academy and is a writer and editor. She works and manages different aspects of the Oracle and focuses on lifestyle articles centered around her interests and the Blair community. She is from Bermuda and is very happy to be returning for 2020-2021.