Get in the Peddie Day Spirit!

It is almost that time of the year again, Bucs: Peddie Day! Our athletic teams are on their vigorous endeavor to bring back the Kelly-Potter Cup that we unfortunately had to share last year. In order to get pumped for Peddie Day, the whole week beforehand will be full of fun activities. Here is the ultimate guide on how to fully enjoy Peddie Week based on last year’s activities: 

  1. Spirit Days

Each day of Peddie Week will be a special dress down day. Themes from last year included Twin Day and “Big Ballers, Beach Bums, and Braniacs.” This year, the themes will be Tie-Dye for Tuesday, Playa/Beach for Wednesday, and Swap for Thursday. With Halloween coinciding with Peddie Week, you will also be able to wear your Halloween costumes to classes and formal dinner on Thursday.

Spirit days will end on Friday with Blair Wear Day so you can show off your school spirit.

Remember, though, you need to stay in dresscode if you decide not to participate in Spirit Days. 

  1. Pep Rally 

The Pep Rally is indeed one of the most exciting Peddie Week traditions, where students and faculty present their performance they worked on over the week. All Peddie Day banners will also be showcased during the event, so make sure you head to the Performance Gym and watch this exciting show. 

  1. Torch Parade & Bonfire 

The night before Peddie Day will be celebrated with our traditional senior torch parade and the bonfire. This annual bonfire is the best time to hang out, take photos, and make new friends. Hot chocolate and delicious snacks are also available.  

Beat Peddie! 

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Irene Jung

Irene Jung is a three-year junior from South Korea. As a writer, she hopes to deliver a variety of news to the Blair community.