Generosity in Kabul

Kabul Blind School, ABWC Foundation Documentary
Kabul Blind School, ABWC Foundation Documentary

When Yasameen Mohammadi announced last fall that she was starting a sewing club, I thought of my favorite black skirt that I had stopped wearing months before when the hem fell out. The sewing club offers to teach sewing skills to those who would like to be more self-sufficient in their clothing repairs. The club also offers simple seamstress services, such as sewing buttons on and hemming. I sent an email to Yasameen immediately following school meeting the day of her announcement. She picked the skirt up the next day and got it back to me in a timely manner. She refused payment for the job, saying that I could make a donation to the Kabul Blind School where her brother is a student.

After weeks of effort, Yasameen has launched the fundraising website. So, I have my skirt back, and I feel great about having made a contribution to a worthwhile cause. If you have clothing sitting idle because of missing buttons or fallen hems, get in touch with Yasameen. Even if you do not currently have any need of sewing lessons or seamstress services, it is worth your while to read the story of Yasameen’s brother’s school for the blind at the link below.–2/x/13199845

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Joyce Lang

Mrs. Lang is a Spanish teacher at Blair Academy and a supporter of the Blair Oracle.