A “Frosh” Perspective: Wanna Go Can?

The recurring trend of hibernating in the winter has become apparent. People think that just because the weather is gloomy, they have to be gloomy as well. This is not the case! Students need to simply walk into the ray of sunshine that is the Can.

With winter in its prime, the Black Canteen has become the hub of campus. As it is very chilly outside, the comfort of the warm, cozy Can is the go to. The couches provide a sense of warmth, and a nostalgic feeling of home, wherever that may be. Each grade integrates and mingles while munching on the delicious snacks. From playing ping pong, to simply chilling with your friends, the Can has it all. And, if you want some more peace and quiet, heading to the lounge above the Can is always an option too.


As winter in Blairstown can, at times, be a little desolate, we need to lift each other up. Winter will soon pass, as will our high school years. Let us not spend our time sitting in our beds, bingeing our latest favorite show. Let us instead socialize and smile! Spread the word, get out of your isolated dorm room, and ask yourself, “Wanna go Can?”