Frosh Perspective: Seniors

The seniors in every movie, TV show, or book seem to rule the school. The hazing of freshmen to seniors seems to be a reality for just about everyone. Thankfully, this year I feel more welcomed by the seniors then unwelcomed. Yes, the seniors are bigger, stronger, and smarter than me but in reality, we are all just teens trying to survive boarding school. This common thread has allowed me to connect with the seniors.

Although I don’t know many seniors, the ones I do know are generally nice and helpful. My prefects all range in personality, and yes, like everything, I do prefer some over others. Overall, all they want is what’s best for my peers and me, and that is all that matters. Outside of my prefects, I have talked to seniors when I get lost or in after school activities like the Oracle. The seniors in those scenarios have been helpful and insightful. I have really enjoyed getting to hear advice from my Oracle peers.

I have only been here for a month and a half so it is hard to fully know the senior class. From what I do know, one thing is evident. Seniors demand a certain amount of respect from us. This sense of seniority makes it hard to connect to them on a personal level. I think it is hard because they aren’t at the level of respect that you would give a teacher but they aren’t one of your classmates. Conversation is sometimes hard to strike up with them. I sometimes fear them as they seem bigger and I don’t want to upset them, similar to the saying, “don’t wake the sleeping giant.”

Overall, the Senior class seems out of reach of the freshmen. This makes it hard to know them well. At the end of the day, being able to talk to a senior seems like an honor (especially if they say “hi” to you). It would honestly make a freshman’s day if a senior strikes up a conversation with us, as we are the lowest on the totem pole. I can’t wait to meet more seniors this year, and get to know my prefects better as well.

Dylan Bentley

Dylan Bentley is a freshman at Blair this year, and a contributor to the Oracle. She has a passion for both animals and history. Dylan has prior writing and photography experience from her position as editor of the yearbook at her old school.