A “Frosh” Perspective: Milk & Cookie Mondays in Locke

I’m sure many wonder what exactly goes on in the mysterious dorm of Locke during our weekly Milk and Cookie Monday gatherings. Maybe you’re picturing us girls demurely passing the cookies around, while lightly conversing about our day, or maybe you picture us as ravenous apes wrestling each other for the biggest and best cookies. The truth lies somewhere in between,  though leaning more towards the ape theory.

Some freshman take Milk and Cookie Monday very seriously, sprinting from freshman study hall all the way to Locke in order to grab as many cookies as their hands can possibly fit. Others slowly waltz up the stairs, silently praying that  a few extra cookies will still be  there waiting for them.

Even though the competition to grab the most cookies can be stressful at times, in the end, the tradition is really worthwhile. Every bite of each homemade cookie straight from Mrs. Ryerson’s kitchen gives every girl a warm sense of family and love. Whether you are an ape, or a relaxed young lady, you will end up getting a delicious dose of kindness to kickstart your week.

(Copyright 2018 Ava Roche)