Frosh Perspective: Formal Dinner

This year as a freshman my first formal dinner didn’t go exactly as I expected. I was expecting a fancier meal, and for everyone to get more “dressed up.” As I walked into the cafeteria the first thing I noticed was that some upperclassmen weren’t even wearing a coat and tie! Rather, they wore bright colored polo shirts under their blazers, or jean skirts and t-shirts.

Sitting down, I chose a spot at the far end and began looking around the room. I concluded that the whole freshman class was way over dressed, which honestly was not surprising. When the table foot grabbed the food for our table I grew excited after seeing garlic bread, pasta and chicken parm. While orders were taken I realized I hadn’t eaten a hot meal at Blair yet, but was hopeful it would be good.

Once the meal was passed down, we dove into our chicken and pasta. I enjoyed the dinner, but I preferred getting to talk to my fellow classmates more. This year, I have really enjoyed opportunities like these to talk to my peers outside of class in a safe and comfortable setting. I am very glad that my first formal dinner was as positive as it was and I am anticipating the next!

(Copyright 2018 Dylan Bentley)

Dylan Bentley

Dylan Bentley is a freshman at Blair this year, and a contributor to the Oracle. She has a passion for both animals and history. Dylan has prior writing and photography experience from her position as editor of the yearbook at her old school.