Freshmen Perspective: Dances

School dances, we have all heard of them, been to one or planned one, but how well do they really go? In my prior history of Middle School dances, they usually start off with a small group of people who actually dance while the rest of the dance-goers stand in the corners. Halfway through the night some cheesy slow song is played and one brave boy and girl begin slow dancing. The rest of the night contains more dancing and an occasional slow song. Overall, they seem more exciting than they really are.

Blair has had two dances so far, the preseason dance and the back-to-school dance. Although I did not attend the preseason dance, I heard great reviews of it. The second dance this year was the back-to-school dance. The dance was originally supposed to be in the black box, but was moved to the Hardwick courtyard. I wasn’t expecting to go to the dance but somehow I ended up there.

Walking into the dance, it seemed to be that there was a decent turnout; honestly, the song choices were not my favorite, but the decoration ideas were well thought out. I had a nice time hanging out with my friends more than anything. Overall, I enjoyed the dance more than I thought, but don’t anticipate attending one in the future.

(Copyright 2018 Dylan Bentley)

Dylan Bentley

Dylan Bentley is a freshman at Blair this year, and a contributor to the Oracle. She has a passion for both animals and history. Dylan has prior writing and photography experience from her position as editor of the yearbook at her old school.