Freshman Vs. Sophomore Year

Wow, sophomore year has been a heck of a ride so far! From actually knowing my surroundings to having a nice comforting group of friends to hangout with everyday, I could say I’m living the dream life! I remember being a nervous wreck on the first day of freshman year, but this year I feel like a pro. The workload hasn’t been too fun, but it’s all worthwhile. Especially now with Unlimited, with the privilege to go anywhere on campus to work during study hall, I feel so liberated!  

I have realized that the word “freshman” seems to carry a bad connotation at Blair. Last year I had no idea why all of the sophomores didn’t really like us, but now being a sophomore myself, I can understand why. Freshmen are the new kids in town, stealing everyone’s thunder and taking our place. Now I understand where people are coming from, but we were all there once, so we should always try to put ourselves in their shoes and give more respect to the freshmen. It is scary transitioning from middle school to high school, and making that big jump.

Overall, sophomore year has been amazing in comparison to freshman year. They are similar in many ways, but without all of the restrictions.

(Copyright 2019 Ava Roche)