Freshman Discuss Revisit Day


Jake Mantegna ’19

As a faculty kid, I pretty much knew that I would go to Blair since the time I could even imagine it. It was always a fantasy, but something that I didn’t really know much about. Finally, the spring of my 8th grade year came along, and with my application submitted and my interview complete, I set out to Blair’s revisit day. At first, it was so awkward; everyone just standing around talking with their parents or people they knew from their old schools. We had a student panel and then a faculty panel, which gave me insight on the Blair life, but nonetheless, the day was still really awkward. Finally, we got to meet the students that we would shadow for the rest of the day. Luckily, I got paired with someone who I had met before, and from there, the day got a whole lot better. After the two classes, the uncomfortable looks and fake smiles began going away, and I actually got to meet some new people. Although I already knew I was coming to Blair Academy, my revisit day was truly a great experience when it came to familiarizing myself with the life of the students here.

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Dirk Daniels ’19

As my older sister goes here, everyone expected me to go to Blair. However, I wasn’t so sure I would fit in and like it here. Then, on revisit day, I buttoned up my polo, but on a brave face and went to face the scary campus of Blair Academy. When revisit day started, I clung to my parents and sister, scared and intimidated by everything and everyone. At the student panel, I sat alone and didn’t talk to anyone. Then it was time to go to class with our student hosts. I was scared out of my mind walking to class. Then I got there, and everyone introduced himself or herself, and I started to feel more comfortable. At the end of the class, I was joking around with my host and other prospective students. After that, I wasn’t scared at all at the special interests fair, and then on the way to my next class, I already felt like I was part of the Blair community. It was starting to feel like home. After revisit day, I couldn’t wait for summer to be over, and to be able to be a real member of the fantastic community that is Blair.[/twocol_one_last]