Founding the Oracle


The Oracle is a place for the entire Blair Community to gather thoughts, opinions, and news. The Oracle was launched on April 13th, 2015, almost two weeks after the ‘construction’ process began on April 1st. After about a week Mr. Hurtado became the official faculty advisor to The Oracle, and he does a marvelous job making sure everything is as ship shape as our Buccaneer ship should be.


It was founded on the idea of connecting the thoughts of everyone in the community around a variety of different topics. Tys Sweeney and Chris Liu are both passionate about writing and believe that it is the best way to collect everyone’s ideas for the benefit of all. All members of the Blair Community, students and adults, are encouraged to share news items, arts & culture pieces, sports stories, fictional items, items for discussion – truly anything – through The Oracle.

Thank you to Mr. Moore, Mr. Hurtado, Mr. Pagotto, Mrs. Logan, Mr. Adams, and Mr. Frick who all helped Tys and Chris establish The Oracle website.

Tys Sweeney

Founder & Editor-in-Chief Emeritus

Tys Sweeney '17 founded the Blair Oracle in April 2015. He wrote news, fiction, poetry, and announcements for the publication until he graduated in 2017. He served as Editor-in-Chief until 2016 and was succeeded by Seth Kim.