Field Hockey Pre-Season

By Abby Bodner ’16 and Haley Gelberg ’16

The team had big shoes to fill entering into this year’s season. After losing nine of our seniors, most of them starters, Varsity Field Hockey couldn’t even field a team with the number of returning players. However, any uneasiness about the team’s future vanished immediately on the first day.

Field Hockey’s preseason annually begins with a grueling fitness test. While during most years everyone simply completes each task, this year everyone finished their test with high intensity, great effort, and immensely improved times. But the intensity did not stop there; the team transitioned smoothly from the track to the field as the field players worked on stick and ball control while the goalies successfully saved their warm up shots.

The week continued similar to the first day with successes in both fitness and basic skills, with growing victories in situational drills, and positioning for both attack and defense.

Our skill, fitness, and teamwork were finally tested on the last day of preseason with a scrimmage against Lakeland. With no knowledge about our opponent’s reputation, the team cautiously took the field. Yet, although we were all exhausted from the past week and anxious about personal and collective victories, the Varsity Field Hockey team pulled out a win by a score of 4-2.

With our accomplishments during preseason, both the players and coaches remain confident and excited about the upcoming season. We are all optimistic that we will not just match last year’s achievements: we will surpass them.

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(Copyright 2015 The 2015 Field Hockey Captains – Abby Bodner and Haley Gelberg) (Photo sourced from Abby Bodner)

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