February Art Opening

On February 28th, 2019, Mr. and Mrs. Trish had a successful art opening, presenting their photographs and paintings.

Mr. Trish, Blair’s current photography teacher, worked for various news companies prior to his career as a Blair faculty member. The Romano Gallery featured photos taken by Mr. Trish, which were published in several newspapers, such as The Record and The Arlington Advocate: Sports.

Many of Mr. Trish’s photos captured moments of intense political incidents, including scenes of protest or suffering after natural disasters.

Moreover, there were paintings created by Mrs. Trish, which were mostly based on the photographs that Mr. Trish took. By using warm colors and soft textures, Mrs. Trish effectively conveyed the emotions that were present in Mr. Trish’s photographs.  

During the art opening, Mr. and Mrs. Trish also had a chance to engage with the audience by holding a Q&A session.

One of the students asked, “How do you get permission from the people when you need to capture the moment?”

Mr. Trish answered, “I usually do not ask for their permission before I take the photos, because then it ruins the emotions and the intensity of the moment. Instead, I ask them after if I could use the photos that I took of them. If they do not want it, I discard the photos.”

Mrs. Trish heartwarmingly responded to another question about their unique collaboration, “Yes, we get inspired by each other’s work.”

We anticipate seeing more of their amazing work exhibited at Blair!

(Copyright 2019 Elle Choi, Irene Jung)

Elle Choi

Elle Choi is a two-year junior from South Korea.