Featured Gallery: Sadie Loeber (Part 1/2)

This week, the Blair Oracle features Sadie Loeber and her expressive artwork. A new junior, Sadie spends much of her time in the art studio working on extra projects and doodling anything she wants. It comes as a surprise to hear that she only began last year, especially considering the all advanced techniques she applies to her work. She said in a brief exchange, “I started developing my own style and gravitated towards charcoal and ink because they provided instant gratification with dark defined lines and easy shading. I have recently been playing around with color, often adding small pops of it to my primarily black and white pieces. Also, the drawings in which the human’s hair morphs into an animal was toying around with the idea of spirit animals and the closeness of them to us. I tried to make the hair light and fantastical (not real) to convey the idea of spirits and their lightness and lack of apparent form.” Shown below are samples of her first semester pieces:


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(Copyright 2016 Sadie Loeber) (Intro by Seth Kim)