A Farewell to Damn Good Chicken

As always, many positive things are going on here at Blair, but one very negative piece of news just recently hit the students of Blair academy like a rock: the closing of everyone’s favorite eatery, Damn Good Chicken. If the name itself didn’t stand out, then the food surely did.

Damn Good Chicken was the talk of the campus, as the one real place in Blairstown fully dedicated to chicken, the purest of meats. Further, all of their chicken was organic and antibiotic free, which made it even better, and even more beneficial for the whole community. It was  featured in the NJ Herald and got excellent Yelp reviews such as:

“The Damnwich is a soft, juicy, tender, smoky, succulent, savory, flavorful chicken thigh served on a soft potato bun (I love potato buns).”


“Tried their biscuits, again outstanding, very moist yet with a crusty outside, not overcooked and dry.”

Damn Good Chicken was an icon, a legend never to be forgotten. Goodbye Damn Good Chicken. We will miss you and your Fried Chicken Fridays.


(Copyright 2017 Ava Roche)