Fall Concert Tonight

screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-4-54-37-pmThis Friday, following Formal Dinner, students will flood the DuBois Theater to enjoy performances by Blair Academy’s Singers, Chamber Ensemble, Jazz Band, and Symphony Orchestra. For months on end, these groups have worked separately and together to perfect their pieces.

The performance will open by showing off the students’ work on tone and blending, which will create the smooth, whimsical sounds of Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty. This will be followed by the brisk, intense drums and violins of Glière’s “Russian Sailor’s Dance.”

The Blair Singers and Chamber Ensemble will then introduce a new flavor to the scene. The Singer’s will perform “The Road Home” and “The Music of the Living,”  and Chamber Ensemble will perform “Ain’t Got Time to Die” along with the surprise hinted at in today’s School Meeting.  

The night will conclude with the show-stopping “Phantom of the Opera Overture,” a player and audience favorite.

(Copyright 2016 Janice Negvesky)

Janice Negvesky