Faculty Pets: Meet Max

I walk cautiously onto the elevator of Insley, hoping I’ve succeeded in avoiding any faculty suspicion, and hit the button. As the incredibly long elevator ride comes to a stop, I step into the unfamiliar territory that is the third floor of Insley Hall. I walk the treacherous 10 feet towards the door and knock. I know I’m allowed in, as Ms.Fralick, my sister and Maximus’s mom, knows I’m coming, but I was also hoping to hear his cute, almost girly bark. He’s a good boy though, and stays quiet even after I continuously knock. I let myself in and am greeted by him, and rather zealously. He jumps up on his hind legs and prances towards me, his front paws slapping high into the air in front of him, until they rest on my legs. As I lean down to say my hellos, I am pleasantly surprised by his many kisses. I don’t kiss back; I’m not that kind of Aunt. I sit down on the couch and he joins me before I can even blink. I begin the interview.  Although his breed, mini golden-doodle, is known to be rather intelligent, I keep questions simple


Ceci Fralick: How old are you, Maximus?

He seems caught off-guard, and dodges the question by jumping off the couch. His mom later informs me he is eight months old.

CF: I notice you have a lot of toys. Do you have a favorite?

This question excites him, as he quickly brings over a red plush monster toy and places it in my lap. He doesn’t take his eyes off it for the rest of the interview.

CF: What’s your favorite thing to do on campus?

I already know the answer due to my constant stalking of his Instagram (@maximus_the_dogiator) but he quickly confirms my suspicion. He adores walking the trails on the Siegel Property, chasing any furry creature he sees.

CF: What’s your favorite pastime?

I ask this just as his mom flicks on the TV. He quickly turns towards the television and watches as the movie Moana slowly starts to load on Netflix. The song “You’re Welcome” comes on, and he is completely infatuated. He watches all the bright colors dance across the screen, and doesn’t take his eyes off them until my laughter turns into disruptive snorts.

“Thank you for your time Maximus,” I say as I try to control myself. I reach my hand down to him, he lifts his right paw into it, and I shake it. (Yes he can do that.) I turn to my sister for the millionth time and admit how jealous I am that she has a dog so well-behaved and unique. It was a very successful interview if you ask me.

(Copyright 2017 Ceci Fralick)