Electric Vibe at Blair Madness

Students packed into the Performance Gym on Friday, November 13th to watch the Blair Madness event. As college basketball programs around the country have put on Midnight Madness events – including high flying dunks, three pointers and an intra squad scrimmage, Blair decided to follow suit with its Blair Madness. In the gym, the vibe was electric. As Jack Saxton reflected, “I really liked the atmosphere. Everyone was really pumped up!”

Blair Madness: Interview with Matt Turner from Blair Oracle on Vimeo.

Up first was the three point shooting contest. Contestants included Matt Turner, Daniel Keinan, Michael Wiper, Jack Rauch, Justes Nikkel, Felicia Aiyeotan, Keer Sun, Andra Espinoza-Hunter, and John Padden. With 45 seconds allowed per person, everyone had a great showing, but those advancing to the finals were Matt Turner and Andra Espinoza-Hunter. In the finals, Andra came out victorious much to the dismay of the confident Matt Turner. Prior to the competition Matt proclaimed, “I guarantee I win the three point contest!” Well Matt, that didn’t go so well.

On to the dunk contest, where participants, including Kodye Pugh, Deng Gak, Anthony Mack, Felicia Aiyeotan, and George Pektor. Notable about this dunk contest is that it had a female participant, Felicia, who was the first female in Blair history to dunk a basketball. The dunk contest was exciting for all, with much of the crowd gasping at each and every dunk. There were two dunks in particular that earned perfect scores from the judges. The first was from George Pektor, who leaped seemingly over the backboard (with the aid of Jack Rauch) and slamming the basketball through the rim with authority! The next dunk earning a perfect score was Kodye Pugh’s (with assist from Zedrek Farrell). Zedrek climbed into the bleachers with the basketball and tossed the ball to Kodye, who caught it, did a windmill, and slammed it in. That dunk had everyone going crazy, with Droun Tiwari exclaiming, “That was the most unbelievable display of athleticism I have ever seen!” It is safe to say that you needed to see it to believe it. With those two dunks, the co-champions of the dunk contest were Kodye and George.

To finish off the night was the Faculty vs. Students game. While not particularly competitive, all participants had a blast, and the crowd was thoroughly entertained. Overall, Blair Madness was a great success, giving the students something to look forward to all week and it certainly did not disappoint. I had the privilege of catching up with Matt Turner after the event. Check it out above.

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Stephen Marcus

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