Eating My Way Through Copenhagen

What makes traveling so exciting is experiencing the unique environment of a foreign place. There are many different things that can factor in to distinguishing a place and its culture, including language, location, fashion, weather, and more. One of the most fascinating and varying aspects of different destinations and cultures is food. Cuisine is a major part of traveling, and for food-lovers like me, it can be one of the most exciting and enjoyable.

During this Thanksgiving break, my sister, Priscilla Sharma ’20,  and I were lucky enough to get to visit our older sister, Tiffany Sharma ’16, who’s studying abroad in Denmark. During our short time in Copenhagen with her, we did the classic tourist things, but the highlight of the trip was definitely the food.

From the moment we stepped off the plane in Copenhagen, we could tell just from looking at the airport that it was a trendy place based on the weirdly shaped chairs. There were artsy cafes and restaurants everywhere, and all the places we ate in were stylish in their design and overall aesthetic.

After a six hour plane ride, we were still on New Jersey time, so it felt late to us even though the rest of Copenhagen was just beginning their morning. To keep us awake and sticking to our sister’s militantly scheduled itinerary, we stopped by our first food destination in the city, the Paludan Cafe, and ordered some breakfast. The cafe was inside a small bookstore, and less crowded than the other cafes we visited later. After squinting at the Danish menu in confusion, we decided to leave the food ordering to our oldest sister, since she’d been there before. We ended up getting a vegetarian omelet and avocado toast. It was the perfect first Copenhagen breakfast.

One of the best restaurants we went to on this trip was Grød, a big, popular chain in Denmark with iconic oatmeal and risotto. I’m not usually a big fan of oatmeal, but this was an exception to the rule, because it tasted as good as it looked. The restaurant was inside the Glass Market, which houses many food stalls, fresh produce stands, and much more.

We went back to a different location of the restaurant later for dinner to try their famous mushroom risotto, which was one of the best things we ate while in Copenhagen. The wait for the food was pretty long since it was so crowded, but the food was definitely worth the wait. Before this trip, I’d only eaten risotto once, and that was just the packaged freezer kind, so this was definitely a big step up.

The best breakfast we had in this trip, hands down, were the crepes from Royal Pancake Copenhagen. The place was small and not many people were there that morning, but the food was delicious. We ordered a crepe with milk chocolate, Kit-Kats, white chocolate, and oreo pieces that added up to being the sweetest and most delicious crepe I’ve ever had. We also ordered an avocado, egg, and pesto crepe, which tasted amazing, and chai lattes, which are really popular in Copenhagen. They warmed us up after being out in the cold.

Even though we’d been walking in the freezing cold the entire day, we couldn’t resist stopping by Desserthuset, where they specialize in milkshakes. Two of the three of us are lactose intolerant, but we decided to take the risk for the sake of a trying a giant Cookies and Cream Freakshake. It was absolutely delicious, and we had no regrets as we stepped back out into the cold after finishing up our amazing treat.

One of the last things we had before leaving Copenhagen was an onsdagssnegl, which is sort of like a cinnamon roll, except with chocolate inside. We went to Sankt Peders Bakery, where they sell a special onsdagssnegl every Wednesday. Luckily, we went on the right day and got to try it. It was one of the best pastries I’ve ever had, and it was the last thing we got before heading to the airport to go back home.

Exploring the city and getting to try new things was an amazing experience. Traveling to Copenhagen was so fun because of all the sights and places we were able to visit, but the highlight may have been all the unique and delicious food.

(Copyright 2018 Evelyn Sharma)

Evelyn Sharma

Evelyn Sharma is a junior and writer for the Oracle whose passions include music, reading, art, and anything else you can express yourself creatively through.