Easy Techniques: Using a Projector for Photoshoots

Over the past fews weeks, while us AP photo students scramble to wrap up our portfolios to send to the College Board, I had the idea to take portrait photographs using a projector. I’ve seen multiple photographers on Instagram create lovely photos using this technique, but I never thought about actually trying it until now. I always thought it would be much more complicated than it looked, however, I was proven wrong. It’s easy to set up and photographers of all levels can take beautiful photos using this method.

All you need is a model, an image to project on him or her, a laptop, a phone or camera, and a projector. Using Google Images, I found photos of water, the galaxy, and different optical illusions. I connected the projector to my laptop and laid it on a table facing a blank wall. I had a couple different models stand in front of the projector and I used my camera to take photos of them from different angles.

One tip is to have your models stand a few feet from the projector. I found that if your model is too close, then the pixels of the image stand out on the models face. If he or she is too far, then it’s difficult to capture the projected image.

Using a projector for portrait photography is far from difficult and can help you achieve some great photographs. I know I’ll be using a lot of these in my portfolio.

(Copyright 2019 June Dinias)

June Dinias

June Dinias ’20 is an editor and writer that has been on the Oracle since her Freshman year. She has explored writing about various topics, focusing on art, food, and culture. She also manages our instagram account. Outside of the Oracle, June is an AP photo student and a yearbook staff member.