Dev’s Corner: Unplugged


So these past few days, I have been without a phone. Though I may look like I know a whole lot about tech support, I don’t actually. Then again, I did grow up in the streets of Agrabah stealing food to feed myself and my best friend/pet, Abu. I think it broke when I threw it at the wall. I’m not sure though. Anyway, for the sake of science, I will be documenting my time without a phone.

                       Artist’s rendition

Day 1

I slept 40 minutes into A block this morning because my phone is broken and did not wake me up. Definitely worth it though. I found out that they legally can’t mark you absent even if you show up with only 5 minutes left in class. I also have no way to tell time in between classes, so I accidentally skipped all of school meeting.

Day 2

Without my earbuds in I have tuned into the soundtrack of Blair life. It’s full of the friendly conversations shared between students and faculty, the birds chirping, the gentle sobbing of students, Mr. Pagotto telling people to wear their helmets even though they are just walking to class, and if you listen real close you can hear the good Reverend Durkee practicing her singing in preparation for the next chapel.

Day 3

I have little to do for entertainment in between classes. I have resorted to having conversations with people that I have known since Freshman year. They are okay. I have also noticed that there are so many new faces on our beautiful campus. Many of them are second graders who claim to be Freshmen.

In conclusion, this was a fruitful experience. If we shared a casual conversation during this dark time for me, please do not attempt to talk to me again. It was out of sheer boredom and now that I have my phone back I no longer need human contact.


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Matt Dev

Matt Dev is a senior and an editor for the Oracle.