In De(v)pth Investigation: The Dark Times

Yesterday, at about 6AM, the unthinkable happened: the campus lost wifi. It was a devastating blow to the community, bringing the whole campus to its knees. Fortunately, West Hall (the heroes of the power outage) is currently figuring out a way to prevent this from ever happening again.


The heroes of West heard that there were some parts of the library and that the Makerspace had wifi during what we now call the Dark Times. Thankfully, due to their past experience facing off against the merciless librarians, our heroes elected to figure out a way to steal wifi from the Makerspace, should the situation arise again.


Various ideas were proposed, the most popular being taking a super long ethernet cable and stretching it from West to the Makerspace, or raiding the Makerspace building, forcibly removing the routers and bringing them back to main campus. (Note: It has been pointed out the latter proposal would not have worked; we don’t care).
Some of more reasonable voices suggested that we pursue a more diplomatic course, and extend an olive branch to Mr. Gnanadoss in the hopes that he would be willing to trade food for wifi. No wanted to listen to the voice of reason. (Note: Again, it has been pointed out this would not have worked; again, we do not care.) Some began blaming the Makerspace for the loss of wifi. Regardless, our heroes will not let us down. They will do whatever it takes to prevent this from happening again.

(Copyright 2017 Matt Dev)

Matt Dev

Matt Dev is a senior and an editor for the Oracle.