Dear College Counselor

screen-shot-2016-09-28-at-4-06-48-pmQ. Dear College Counselor, I want to drop down. Is that a bad idea?

A. This is a rather difficult topic to address since in it really depends on who you are. The easy answer is, no; it is not a bad idea to drop down. However, there are complicating factors since everyone is interested in different subjects and areas.

If you are struggling in your current class, you must do what is best for you. Consider these things: is this class affecting your performance in other classes? Is this class something you are passionate about? Etc.

Consider the following: you are currently enrolled in Chemistry Honors with a 4.0 and you know you will be able to finish the semester with a 5.0. Should you drop? Well, if you wish to major in Chemistry and are receiving a 4.0 in an Honors course, there is a problem. However, if you are not necessarily intending to pursue your Chemistry career, it does not matter which class you take. In this case, you must pay a closer attention to your own schedule and flexibility. No one is a super star, and neither are you. You are not going to excel in all of your classes, so your most important job is to recognize your strengths and to take advanced courses that you are interested in.

Trust me: admissions officers won’t count the number of your honors courses and evaluate you. They will figure out what you are passionate about, and, if you ever need help with that, remember that you have your monitors and advisors.