Danielle Nicole Performs!

A Grammy-nominated artist travelled all the way from Kansas to Blairstown, New Jersey, to perform a concert that was free for all Bucs at the end of February. All music students had the pleasure of attending. Danielle Nicole, a blues and soul singer, was a founding member, lead vocalist, and bass player of a blues-rock band called Trampled Under Foot. It was only recently that Nicole split off and started her own eponymous band, which performed in Blairstown. The band has a newly released debut album, Wolf Den. Blair alum Jay Rubin ’69 sponsored the concert, which was held at Roy’s Hall.

Nicole presented a spectacular performance, showing her fabulous style and mesmerizing voice. Nicole’s Grammy-nominated song, “Cry No More,” was the first played that night. The audience, full of musicians, appreciated the wonderful blend of contemporary music and blues elements.

While there was no question about Nicole’s singing ability, there were multiple other factors that contributed to the students’ enjoyment of the concert. The performers’ interactions with the audience and their fascinating life stories, woven throughout the concert, all brought attention to the purpose and interpretation of her music. In particular, she mentioned her love life, which clarified the mellow, emotional, and deep aspects of her music.

Many Blair musicians enjoyed the performance by this unique artist. Caroline Driscoll ’22 and Simar Anand ’21 both found the concert “enticing, […] lively, and special.” In addition, Nick Hansen ’22 loved the “swaying groove,” which made him stomp his foot and follow along with the beat.

Who will perform at Roy’s next? Migos? Travis? We can hope.

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