Dance Marathon: Success

Blair’s first Dance Marathon, held on December 8, 2018, was a great success, raising over $8,000. The community came together to raise awareness and funding for sick kids in the local community. Hallie Guyton ’20 and Bryson Garriques ’19 were the leaders of the event.

The Dance Marathon benefitted Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, a local non-profit organization that donates 100% of funds to help children in need. The goal throughout the celebration itself was not to sit down, but rather “stand up” for the kids who are in hospital beds or wheelchairs and to dance for them. The event also included a wide range of activities, including, but not limited to, making ornaments, writing cards, singing karaoke, building gingerbread houses, taking photos with Santa, and playing Wii Just Dance.

One of the students who attended the Dance Marathon, Ally Kim ’20 had no expectations coming into the event. In fact, she only went because she “had nothing else to do.” However, she ended up having fun. Supporting a meaningful cause added to her good mood. She reflects on the event that it was “just perfect” and thinks that “people actually had fun unlike a lot of other things at this school.”

According to Hallie, she wanted to start a Dance Marathon at Blair because there was one at her old school. They are very popular with high schools and colleges across North America, but it was new to Blair. She believes that Dance Marathons are not only fun, but also rewarding, since all proceeds go to a good cause.

Bryson, who heard about Hallie’s interest, reached out to her to execute the plan. This cause is very special to Bryson because his younger sister has been treated at the Children’s Specialized Hospital for cerebral palsy. According to the Mayo Clinic, “cerebral palsy is a disorder of movement, muscle tone or posture that is caused by damage that occurs to the immature, developing brain, most often before birth.”

Hallie says that knowing someone like Bryson’s sister, who has been supported by the organization benefited by the event, truly made the process of organizing it much more empowering and rewarding. Seeing how a difference could be made from up close is a whole different experience than when it remains abstract.

Hallie explained that she learned valuable leadership skills, including improving her public speaking and organization, while orchestrating this event. She is very proud of how it turned out overall

Everyone at the Oracle would like to give a huge shout out to the leaders of this event, Hallie and Bryson, providing a good time for all in attendance while making a difference in others’ lives. We hope that the Dance Marathon becomes an annual tradition at Blair moving forward.

(Shauna Kwag, Copyright 2019)

Shauna Kwag


Shauna Kwag is a senior editor at Blair Academy. She hopes to integrate her interest in poetry, languages, and sports into her work.