Class Council Elections

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Class Council Elections were held this Monday and tensions are high on campus as we are awaiting the results. Interestingly, this year’s election cycle was extremely different than those in the past. Senior Class Council had 29 candidates, each giving a speech before the voting took place. This was an unprecedented amount of aspiring representatives, and the competition drove many of the candidates to new lows. We saw debasing and hurtful rhetoric from all sides of the debate. From the speeches this year, one can certainly tell that there is a lot of prejudice in our community. Most of the hateful speech was directed at day students, as proposals to build a wall around campus to keep them out became a popular sentiment among the far-right leaning candidates. New candidates with socialist views also gained a lot of attention with their plans to divide up unlimited nights amongst the population of the student body, regardless of GPA. These candidates also expressed their views stating that everyone has the right to a place in an AP class, even if they lack the study skills necessary to succeed in those classes.

One thing that candidates from both sides seemed to pride themselves on was their self-funding, and their lack of ties to the administration. It seems they appealed to the student body who was fed up with class council representatives in the past who had close connections to the headmaster and the dean of students. This strategy has worked relatively well for these “anti-establishment” candidates, as they are receiving a lot of support from the students who are generally displeased with the way things have been run the past few years.

Perhaps the most distressing part of this election was the lack of candidates who based their campaigns on upholding the student handbook. It seems as if the majority of Blair students no longer care for leaders who will uphold the law of the academy, as well as the rights that go with it, but are more concerned with attacking minorities like the day students or asking for asking for handouts like free honor nights. All we can do at this point is wait to see who the next representatives are, and hope that maybe they will be funnier than the ones this year.

P.S. Steph… Prom?

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Jack Saxton

Jack Saxton '17 is the Oracle's Chief Satirist and editor of the Satire Section. Jack also contributes articles pertaining to current events at Blair.